The coronavirus vaccine (Covid-19) and MMS

Το εμβόλιο κατά του Κωροναϊού (Covid-19) και το MMS

The coronavirus vaccine (Covid-19) and MMS

Lately we have been inundated with bad news about vaccines against the virus Corona. There are many people who are afraid, and not without reason, because it turns out that all vaccines from all manufacturers contain both nano graphene and magnetite crystals.

The real reason why the pharmaceutical industry adds nanographene to vaccines is because it provides a higher coefficient of cross-contamination.

One of the substances used in these vaccines is the biomaterial from which diploid cells of aborted embryos are made.

It is not only a moral problem, but also a technical problem, because there is not enough raw material to produce millions of vaccines. What is the technical solution to this problem?

They use a cross-contamination agent and that's nano-graphene, mainly in combination with magnetite crystals because that's how they can increase the contamination rate with very little biomaterial, by thousands of times and that means billions and billions of euros/dollars, because it's primarily business and absolute power.

Graphene directly interferes with the biophysical balance of the organism and thus the organism becomes more sensitive, accumulates huge amounts of ferritin and at the same time also enhances the famous magnetic effect on the hand of the inoculated person, because ferritin, instead of being formed from up to 4500 iron atoms, immediately, thanks to the presence of graphene, happens to contain millions of iron atoms per molecule.

What most people and many scientists don't understand is that it's not so much graphene as it is cutting-edge proteins, because graphene is a proliferation factor.

Without viruses, graphene is relatively harmless in this small amount (it's the amount that makes the poison!) because the body, because of its size, over time can eliminate it as anything that is not its own or behaves as a lump in the body.

Spike proteins are the real enemy because they cause lack of concentration, fatigue, blood clotting and even death after a short time.

How the MMS works against the vaccine.

According to proven cases and confirmed by our COMUSAV doctors, it can even be confirmed that in patients who have been vaccinated with the corona virus, the How the MMS works against the vaccine. ΜΜΣ (MMS) is absolutely effective.

It has been found that patients who were previously magnetic recovered, that the symptoms disappeared, and that they no longer had an abnormal magnetic field.

The ΜΜΣ (MMS) also works in the delta variant and all other variants, because it is an oxidant, which means that it oxidizes the protein, thereby denaturing it and rendering it harmless.

Therefore, we need to focus on disseminating information to solve the problem, not just the problem.


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